Kono Oto Tomare | Manga Recommendation

You’re a fan of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)? You loved watching Hibike! Euphonium (Sound! Euphonium)? What if I tell you there’s a manga that combines the best of both worlds? Don’t believe me? See (or hear lol) it yourself!

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3 Short Stories Manga Recommendation | Valentine’s Day Special<3

Happy Valentine’s Day! Been pretty busy with school lately and I don’t have much time to write but thought I’ll give you some of my favorite romance manga – so that you won’t be lonely this Valentine’s day lol xD

*while I’ll be in the corner studying for my exam #collegelife TT __TT *

Anyways, let’s get to it!

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Mairimashita, Senpai | Manga Recommendation

Ahhh good ol’ high school shoujo.. The typical “I like you” confession in the back of the school building or the usual love letter inside the shoe locker or the “senpai-is-so-cool-and-awesome-whom-I-will-never-talk-to-so-I’ll-just-look-from-afar-and-waits-until-an-incident-happens” situation, right?


No incident? Let’s make an incident happen.

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