Mairimashita, Senpai | Manga Recommendation

Ahhh good ol’ high school shoujo.. The typical “I like you” confession in the back of the school building or the usual love letter inside the shoe locker or the “senpai-is-so-cool-and-awesome-whom-I-will-never-talk-to-so-I’ll-just-look-from-afar-and-waits-until-an-incident-happens” situation, right?


No incident? Let’s make an incident happen.

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Santa (by Silyeong) | Manhwa Recommendation

Okay so I know what you’re thinking… this is a manga blog and it’s your first recommendation.. why in the world are you recommending a freaking MANHWA??

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Welcome to My Manga Diary~

Welcome to my manga blog!

Here I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite manga or those that have caught my attention~ Although in any way I’m not a professional critic nor am I majoring in writing or anything but this is just an outlet for me to express what I love to the world!

My love for manga has grown from when I was little when I was introduced by my sister. Now that internet is as developed as ever, it has given me the opportunity to read and discover much more manga that I can ever could.

Even though I do realize that there are a lot of websites that do post manga scanlations for free (meaning that the author is not supported from it), my goal from this blog is not to promote such websites. Instead, I would like to support those underrated manga that may deserve more views and love from avid readers like me! Hopefully through their booming popularity online, more countries can consider licensing these titles and thus appropriately supporting the authors 🙂

So sit back, relax and let’s get reading~ ;p