ib – Instant Bullet | Manga Recommendation

Have you ever find a hidden gem when reading manga? A hidden gem that is still unpolished yet have the potential to be so much greater! If you haven’t then, I present to you.. ib – Instant bullet !

WARNING: The following manga contains depressing, heavy topics and strong language – Readers discretion is advised.

ib -Instant bullet tells the story about an ordinary young boy, Fukase, who is lonely, depressed and wants to destroy the world but in a fateful encounter with a young girl named Sera, he discovered that he has the potential to save the world?!


I put up a warning just in case because this manga is unlike any other manga that I have recommended. It is pretty much on the heavier side to read and the topics and themes that are told may be darker and depressing for some of you.

*(the first half of the first chapters contain some comedy but do read all 82 pages of the first chapter to judge whether or not this manga is your cup of tea 🙂 )

However, despite what I have said in the previous paragraph, I thought this manga is one of the best potential for a MASTERPIECE work. It has a very interesting premise and concept (supernatural abilities) mixed in with the hero and villain dilemma. To me it really felt like an unpolished diamond and through reading each chapter I could felt the author’s pouring out his heart and soul to this particular work.

I say its only a potential for a masterpiece because unfortunately, it was axed early 😦 The manga last for 25 chapters but for an axed manga, I thought that it still had a pretty good ending (I didn’t realized it was axed until I read the author’s afterword). I did felt it was slightly rushed but it wasn’t as noticeable as some other axed manga out there.

I, for one, had never have an extreme respect for an author from only reading just one of his work other than to Akasaka Aka-sensei.

Akasaka Aka’s afterword from Instant Bullet

I absolutely adored how he had the concept ready from his high school days because I could just felt that the concept and the world the characters were in, was very solid. And that each word that he had written here, you can tell that he had treated this work like his precious baby (and you can really tell by reading the manga). I absolutely agree with him on the part that it can be made as a light novel because honestly just based from the story-telling of the manga, I wouldn’t be surprised.


What I am disappointed most is that because it was axed, a lot of the character background story has never been touched upon. If this manga is ever remade in the future, when the author becomes more popular, I hope that he can continue to expand the stories of each characters to make the world even more vivid than it already is. Other than that I have not much to complain on since I enjoyed each of the chapters and the exciting and unpredictable plot twists along the ride.

I know I didn’t really talk much about the stories or characters but I felt like anything that I would write would spoil the way the world is told from the author’s point of view. (especially with the amount of secrets and plot twist!) Therefore, I recommend you read it to experience it yourself 🙂

All credit for images goes to the author, Akasaka Aka-sensei, as well as batoto.net and amazon.com where the images were taken from.

As of now, the manga has not been US licensed but do support the author by buying the Japanese copy of the manga if you know Japanese (or if it is serialized in your country!)

I wish the best of luck for the author and hope to see more great works from him! 🙂

*the witch was my favorite character <3*


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