Love is Hard for an Otaku | Manga Recommendation

So you love anime/manga? Ohh you play games too? Then chances are you’re gonna love this manga 😛

*triple combo if you’re a fujoshi lol

Love is Hard for an Otaku is about a gaming otaku (Hirotaka) and a fujoshi (Narumi) reuniting for the first time since middle school at work.5883e584ed3c769b3a22ca043063fcd8

To be honest the premise is straight-forward. It’s literally as summarized above. And as the title suggests that it is indeed targeted towards otaku audiences. Now, not that non-otaku will not like it, but you do have to know a little bit of knowledge of anime & video games in order to appreciate it. And for things that are just not as common, the translators are kind enough to give explanations at the end credits so they’ve got you covered 😉

This is also tagged as a Josei (and in my opinion) because of the setting it is set in – a work place. They incorporate a lot of scenes in desk works, overtime scenes, smoking, going to a bar for a drink and that’s about it (at least as of 13 chapters). I’ve read quite a few Josei manga and to me this is pretty light hearted for a Josei. It’s almost in the borderline between Shoujo and Josei in my opinion. Bottom line it’s a very light read for a Josei.

relatable – with video game reference on the side

I say that because despite being in a work environment that enforce the characters to be professional and mature, the comedy aspect of it in contrast makes them sort of “childish” in a way. And the issues that they are tackling is still very light (first love / new to dating) that it can be easily relatable to fans of shoujo manga.

The romance is not over-the-top either. It has some sweet and fluffy lovey-dovey scenes but sprinkled enough with comedy and the slice of life pacing makes it’s not the cringy type of shoujo cliches 🙂


I wouldn’t necessarily read this manga for its plot though because honestly there is none. It’s a slice of life manga so what you get is just a glimpse of their life and I was honestly drawn to the relationship of the characters. Character development-wise, it’s present but very minimal.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a light read and those in need of comedy mostly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to be made an anime someday (especially with the Drama CD release) – its just very anime material!

All credit for images goes to the author, Fujita-sensei, and which the images were taken from.

As of now, the manga has not yet been US licensed but do support the author by buying the manga if it is released in your country!

Ohh and Happy 2017 !

taken from Fujita-sensei’s twitter post



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