Horimiya | Manga Recommendation

You ever find a manga, read the description and decides to read it with a certain expectation but instead got a totally different, mind-blowing experience out of it?

Yea, this is pretty much a description of how I discovered Horimiya.

So, based on mangaupdates:

Horimiya tells the story about Hori-san and Miyamura-kun in which one fateful day Miyamura, gloomy-looking glasses guy, unexpectedly met Hori, the popular good looking girl, and discovered each others secrets and develop an unexpected friendship……

Despite the summary however, the main focus of the manga is NOT about the secret. It got pretty much thrown out of the window few chapters in (which is not a bad thing). So then, what is it about?


The manga is not the typical shoujo manga of keeping the secret hidden from everyone in school (to the length of “Kaichou wa Maid-sama” extreme) since for one its a SHOUNEN – but still can highly be enjoyed by shoujo manga fans. *raise hand*

The main point of the manga is still its characters, their interactions with one another, their individual character development and also relationships. Down core, it’s a slice of life manga in a high school setting. And because it is a shounen (serialized in the same magazine as Kuroshitsuji), even if its not an action genre, it is characterized by its comedy.

The kind of comedy you signed up for (and more!)

To me it has one of the most hilarious comedy manga (not too over the top and still is relatable in some parts – not too extreme like Gintama). It also has one of the most hilarious take on S & M characters and one of the best romcom manga that is not a 4-koma format (Hagiwara Daisuke’s adaptation of it anyways – bless the soul for making it this way)anvnbc

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s  a romance manga. Indeed it has some lovey-dovey scenes that is enough fluff, not to the point of shoujo manga, though of course a lot more than how other shounen manga has romance in it. And that subtlety of romance, to me makes it different than how other manga pictures a “romance” genre. Because “dating” doesn’t have to be the going-out-on-weekends-for-movies-and-dates / hot-spring / beach-bbq-party / hotel scenes. It is essentially about the relationship between two people, spending time together and getting to know each other which can essentially be done at your partner’s living room.

It is also somewhat drama free – in the sense that even if there is a love triangle, I don’t feel extreme annoyance / hate towards one of the characters. They are all pretty realistic and likeable in nature that you can relate to their motive of actions.

The only problem with this manga would be that there is no clear “goal” (since it is technically a SLICE OF LIFE) to the series meaning that you won’t know what to expect for each chapter as their is no hint to the plot of next episode (no cliffhanger most of the time). To me the main arc is ~85% solved already at this point (72 chapters) and now it’s  almost kinda like if there is an equivalent to an anime’s “OVA” / filler to a manga. Though I’m not saying that in a bad way because I still read it for the characters anyways.


Nevertheless, this is definitely my go-to manga that is re-readable when you’re bored or need some comedy in your life. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a light read.

And Hagiwara Daisuke has made a beautiful manga adaptation for this web comic so go read it.NOW.

All images credit goes to Hagiwara Daisuke (artist), HERO (author) to whom the work was adapted from and the sites the images were taken from (mangareader.net / amazon.co.jp / tsundere.services )

HERO has the web comics (4-koma format) all in Japanese up in his website. Do check them out to support the author.

Hagiwara Daisuke is pretty active on twitter as well and often post preview pics for the upcoming chapter. So even if you don’t know Japanese, there are still pretty picture to look at ~ 🙂

Horimiya has also been licensed by Yen Press in English. Please do support the author & artist by buying the original work.


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