Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko | Manga Recommendation

What would you do if a cicada girl barge into your house and says that she is from the cicada kingdom and wants to return a favor? Well…. normally people just close the door and go back to sleep ’cause this is all a dream, isn’t it?

But of course since this is a shoujo manga, that obviously won’t happen.

Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko literally means “The Lying Cicada who Hates the Blue Sky”. Keep in mind that Semiko does not only mean cicada in Japanese but also is the name of our lead heroine.


To be honest, this is a really hard manga to talk about without spoiling anything because the ending is pretty much the reason why I love this manga so much. The above picture spread of the first chapter really described it well. “A bit warm, a bit painful but most of all it’s a wonderful story.”

It’s only 7 chapters in total – based on the fourth short story of Karate’s (the author) novel, The Story of a Macaron-Loving Girl who Lived a Thousand Years Somehow. The pacing for the first 6 chapters is rather slow (which gives reason for people to drop it) but they are definitely there for a REASON that will only be revealed at the end. Trust me, it’s worth it.(And one chapter is only about 20 pages long!)


Characterization wise I think I relate to our hero, a bit more now that I’m in college, especially thinking about what I want to do in the future as a career and stuff along those lines. But it’s not just about college life and it’s struggles that drew me in. It’s a mix of motivational quotes and a sprinkle of comedy with a pinch of romance. Even those that aren’t in college can always get something from this, especially with a character like Semiko who can always brighten up your day. 🙂

What I say when I re-read a manga more than 3 times

Overall, it’s a very bitter-sweet short story. Actually would be fitting for summer considering the cicadas (lol) but nevertheless it’s a very good read and highly recommended!

All picture credits goes to Wannyanpu as the artist and the wonderful author, Karate, who wrote the original story. (Taken from and

As of now, it has not been US licensed but is serialized in Comic Gene magazine. The tankobon for this manga is out in Japan as well as the novel from where its based off of.

If you know Japanese please consider buying the original material to support the author and artist. I wish I could 😦 


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