Mairimashita, Senpai | Manga Recommendation

Ahhh good ol’ high school shoujo.. The typical “I like you” confession in the back of the school building or the usual love letter inside the shoe locker or the “senpai-is-so-cool-and-awesome-whom-I-will-never-talk-to-so-I’ll-just-look-from-afar-and-waits-until-an-incident-happens” situation, right?


No incident? Let’s make an incident happen.

Or at least something along those lines. I mean I like that in this manga the main girl (Serina) is the aggressive proactive one. The one who initiates the conversation and action to get the relationship somewhere (at least at the start). I mean I’ve read so many shoujo that seems as if girls can’t hit on a guy, that it has to be the other way around. And sometimes even if there is, it’s always in a manner that is extremely excessive or exaggerated to the point of obsession. (NOTICE ME SENPAI) – [Not saying that there is no exaggeration in this manga but its still acceptable, to my standards at least]

And of course, like any other manga, there is always a trigger of why one chases after another…and in this case its because of a song lyric – written on Serina’s desk one day. She decided to write to the him back on the desk just in the hopes to “get to know” this guy (Mizukawa-senpai). (but all you shoujo fans know that the relationship does not just ends there….hahaha)

Reason for Recommendation:

~ Our main characters ~

Sure, at first glance it looks like your typically shoujo manga high school setting but really the characters are what makes this refreshing. Serina is very frank and proactive in terms of the way she wants the relationship to go towards. She isn’t the clingy type, sure she does get jealous but she still gives people space and is still considerate. Mizukawa-senpai at first seems like a jerk. But he’s not the rude-type jerk (ones who says “be my slave” when you bump into). He’s more of the blunt-type jerk. If he doesn’t like something he’ll say it to your face. But as a guy, he is still very considerate, definitely NOT dense (thank goodness) and treasures the relationship he is committed to. He even suggest for a conversation or discussion to happen just so that misunderstanding won’t occur later on in his relationship.

And there are some very cute scenes as well that had me like: YASS BROWNIE POINTS!

At least that’s what it’s like for the first 5 chapters 🙂

(idk if with the addition of new characters this will go downhill tho…)

Serina: p..please don’t say its going downhill… | Mizukawa: she right tho (lol jk)

But for now, if you are looking for a sweet and light read in the shoujo, high school setting – definitely check this out. It’s worth your try 😉

As of this date, Mairimashita, Senpai (by Azusa Mase) has not been officially scanlated yet. However there are raws available with several unofficial fan translations (account is needed to access it).

And of course US license is not yet available. If it is available in your country, please support the author by buying the copy of the book. (I myself kinda want to but its not 😦 )

All credits for the images used goes to the author – Azusa Mase

as well as and where the images was taken from.


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