Santa (by Silyeong) | Manhwa Recommendation

Okay so I know what you’re thinking… this is a manga blog and it’s your first recommendation.. why in the world are you recommending a freaking MANHWA??

this pic right here another reason to read it.. CUTENESS EVERYWHERE

Well…. for one I just thought that the manhwa was very fitting, considering it’s near Christmas and all~ (trying to get into the Christmas spirit here~~ even if “Santa” is not what Christmas is about but anyways..)

And two, this manhwa is a really really good read if you are a fan of manga, drama and family (like the Christmas spirit kind of family – not the husband-wife-kid-romcom type haha); so good that I was really surprised that I didn’t discovered this early on.

Mind you that this manga has a little bit of psychological aspect to it (i.e. abuse) so if you aren’t into it then you have been warned…..


On to the summary :

Santa (Silyeong) follows the story of Bell who finally decided to run away from her abusive household. Not knowing where to go, she discovered her ray of hope, Santa Claus!

The formatting of this manhwa is a webtoon so you’ll read it by scrolling down and it’s all full color! 

Reason for Recommendation:

First of all, the art…. IT’S SO FREAKING ADORABLEEEEEE!!! I mean look at all the characters!!

Award for CUTENESS OVERLOAD goes to COOKIE!! ❤

SO CUTE gahh my heart can’t take it!! that Silyeong art style fits my style perfectly that I enjoyed reading it so much. I love the color schemes used as well. (This author know me too well T__T I’m touched)


But even if this type of art style is not your cup of tea, at least stick around for the story. I loved the way the author tell the story of each characters, their problems and the way they resolved and grew from it. Heck Santa has his own back story. Ofc there is  something that certainly could have been added but the 63.5 chapters are definitely worth reading.

To me, it took quite tough subjects to talk about (a.k.a family-related problems…e.g abusive parents – this is all I can say without spoiling anything T__T) in a very light-hearted way. I say that not in a bad way (definitely not that the author make jokes about it) but in such a way that its light, its an easy read, and it doesn’t leave you with depression. Instead, it gives you hope that everything will be alright and there is help out there 🙂

pretty unnie ❤

So, I think overall, this manhwa is a very good read. Something to keep you warm inside (your heart ;)) through the cold winter days. And definitely alines with the spirit of Christmas these days – it’s all about FAMILY 😀



All picture credits goes to the respective author (Silyeong) and scanlations are taken from

As of this date, this manhwa is not US licensed.

If you know Korean, please read from the Original Webtoon to support the author.



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