3 Short Stories Manga Recommendation | Valentine’s Day Special<3

Happy Valentine’s Day! Been pretty busy with school lately and I don’t have much time to write but thought I’ll give you some of my favorite romance manga – so that you won’t be lonely this Valentine’s day lol xD

*while I’ll be in the corner studying for my exam #collegelife TT __TT *

Anyways, let’s get to it!

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ib – Instant Bullet | Manga Recommendation

Have you ever find a hidden gem when reading manga? A hidden gem that is still unpolished yet have the potential to be so much greater! If you haven’t then, I present to you.. ib – Instant bullet !

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Love is Hard for an Otaku | Manga Recommendation

So you love anime/manga? Ohh you play games too? Then chances are you’re gonna love this manga 😛

*triple combo if you’re a fujoshi lol

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Horimiya | Manga Recommendation

You ever find a manga, read the description and decides to read it with a certain expectation but instead got a totally different, mind-blowing experience out of it?

Yea, this is pretty much a description of how I discovered Horimiya.

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Akagami no Shirayukihime | Manga Recommendation

So….you may have heard this manga being adapted as an anime before (if not then, hey there’s an anime for it! go watch it 😀 – after you finish reading this post ofc ~ lol) and I’ve seen so many different opinions on it. Some say it’s extremely good while others say it’s dull and boring. I would consider myself the former.

Now before you click away from this page (thinking that I’m gonna be super bias on this), I want to say that I probably would have been extremely bias if I were to talk about this manga a year ago. Now, however, I kind of get why this might not be a cup of tea to some people. Still, I would like to voice my opinion and maybe convince some of you to at least give this manga a chance….and here’s why:

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Aozora Kirai no Usotsuki Semiko | Manga Recommendation

What would you do if a cicada girl barge into your house and says that she is from the cicada kingdom and wants to return a favor? Well…. normally people just close the door and go back to sleep ’cause this is all a dream, isn’t it?

But of course since this is a shoujo manga, that obviously won’t happen.

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Mairimashita, Senpai | Manga Recommendation

Ahhh good ol’ high school shoujo.. The typical “I like you” confession in the back of the school building or the usual love letter inside the shoe locker or the “senpai-is-so-cool-and-awesome-whom-I-will-never-talk-to-so-I’ll-just-look-from-afar-and-waits-until-an-incident-happens” situation, right?


No incident? Let’s make an incident happen.

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